The Prophecy of Kalodorim

Join Aratlond, Melany and Jordan on a trip through hazardous terrain and deathly journeys in the world of Menui.


The Prophecy of Kalodorim Trilogy. 


Book 1: Revelations


Book 2: Disciples 


Book 3: Forthcoming Title.  


The Hisime Ara Chronicles

Prequels to the Prophecy of Kalodorim and three thousand years earlier. Join Hisime Ara as she becomes Adan Jul and the person she was always meant to be. 


The Hisime Ara Chronicles: The First One Hundred Years


Episode 1: Royal Elves


Episode 2: The Pit 


Episode 3: The Old Mine

Episode 4: Bane Bringer

Episode 5: Finding Light


Misty D. Billman is the Author of The Prophecy of Kalorodim Trilogy and The Hisime Ara Chronicles. She frequents Comic Conventions in and around the Denver Metro Area. She lives in Aurora, Colorado with her husband and two children, where they too like to rewrite reality.

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The Orcs: strong, battle-ready, unstoppable.

Jordan: young, inexperienced, terrified.

Twenty-year-old Jordan al’Byra spent the last four years preparing for this moment, but now that it’s here, he’s not sure he’s ready. The Orcs are ruthless, ready, and really, really smell bad. Those things combined spell trouble for the young warrior.

If he survives, he’ll be a hero. If he fails, he’ll be dead, or worse a laughingstock.


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